Poltrona Frau Lyra Armchair Showroom Model

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Poltrona Frau Lyra Armchair Showroom Model
Poltrona Frau Lyra Armchair Showroom Model


The Poltrona Frau Lyra armchair is an iconic design from the historical collection of Poltrona Frau. The Lyra, fully made from leather, was first noticed in 1934 and can be seen as a further development of the ‘Lira’ armchair, originating from 1916, which had a base made from leather and a velvet cushion. The armchair is still produced in the same manner as back in the day, making it a product of exceptional craftsmanship. Featured with leather-covered nails covering the back and a comfortable cushion stuffed with goose down. The support structure is made of beechwood and is filled with steel springs for both the seat and back area. These steel springs are connected to each other with rope and have rubberised horsehair applied to them. These are the last two showroom models, available now at an exceptional price. The listed price is per piece.


Beautiful and good quality furniture! I can recommend you to go visit their store, which provides over 2500m2 of fun and furniture to choose from. The personnel was friendly and helped me sufficiently. I will surely visit them again!” – Jeroen Bosch

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